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In painting, in addition, there are such "pure" genres as "portrait", "history in faces" and "church holidays". Like other areas of fine art, painting is a kind of art within art and has both its own areas of distribution and its own stylistic features. The first artists used nature as a "metaphor", as well as the plot in the transfer of life processes. So, for example, Nicholas Roerich wrote: "Remarkable, in essence, documents of the history of the development of the worlds, reveal to us a moral image (in an era) completely different than in our days." The following epochs also used natural materials, but instead of plots, images imprinted on fences, drawings and paintings were understood as emblems and allegories. An example of a pictorial work of the new time is the drawings of Gustave Dor "Astrological Horoscope" and Jacques Callot "Arsenic and the Old Maid". Cinema becomes an intermediary between the world of nature and the world of art. Because it largely professes the style of naive realism, in which the viewer contemplates not distant and alien stories, but the very world that is his habitat.
After cinema was born, it became clear that the art of cinema does not need objects that "prove" that it is relevant to this world. As a result, it works on a completely different level. Filmmakers who have shown what they can get from the world of objects have thereby enriched the visual experience. For three years between 1909 and 1912. Commissioned by Chicago newspapers, Harper's Bulletin and Chicago Evening Globe issued approximately 500,000 film stickers to celebrate the New York firefighter's birthday. And in 1911, the premiere of the film "The Double" took place and it took place in 1899. During World War II, there was a tendency to make films based on adventure stories for the sake of adventure itself.
On the one hand, these films were instructive, on the other hand, it was an opportunity for the viewer to feel the meaning of comedy or tragedy, it was entertainment for all ages f02ee7bd2b